Fantasy Burial Experience

Will you share your fantasy burial experience?

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  • Tolliver
    endorsed 2014-04-29 23:11:11 -0400
    My burial is a multimedia event. A “lie in state” surround by video monitors playing videos from throughout my life. I’m wrapped in bright orange or red linen cloth, smelling mighty pretty…citrus, hibiscus- woodsy. In my hands, a machete symbolizing my protection of love ones left in this present realm. Being an Army veteran, the American flag will folded into a triangle, like a bicorne hat and placed with me. DJ Fritzo or DJ Bobbito will spin records of groove, funk and revelry. Ample food and liquor would be served in and around me. After a predetermined time, my carcass is transported to a private clearing or an inlet at Sunset. Roman Candles and M-80’s will be lit around my funeral pyre. Prayers and last words said by family and friends. Then each will help light my pyre. I burn…My ashes would then be distributed to those wanting a piece of me to take home. The End.
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  • Lisa Madison
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  • Carrie Ahern
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