Samantha burial

In the amazon rainforest, a tropical grove, a huge vat of honey gets poured over my naked body. I’m lying in a large outdoor dark wooden bathtub. The people of the village are surrounding me and chanting. After the honey covers my entire body, they lift me up and put me into another bathtub filled with clean fresh cool water and begin wiping off the honey residue with their hands. Still chanting can be heard.

Then I am wrapped in a pearl white silk sheet. Strings of white, yellow and orange flowers are wrapped around my head and waist. A circle is formed around my body which is placed onto a wooden plank. One by one each of the twenty tribe’s people breathe into my mouth. The plank works as a floating device. When they are finished, I am lead from the grove onto a large isolated beach, and then finally the plank is released into the ocean. In this bare wide open landscape, my body is left to rot under the heat of the sun. I will be eaten by birds and other animals of the sea.

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